May 2020

Woman thinking for HiveThinkP

We are all missing something as we change the way we work and live during COVID -19. It may be seeing family and friends, working in the office, your normal routine or just the comfort of working how you always have.  That is all very understandable but there is something else you may be missing – the opportunity to capture and build on the creative and valuable ideas that you and your team have come up with as you all adapt to a new way of working.

Ideas can (and should) come from everywhere

Most of us, in firms, in house legal teams and organisations, have had to make the shift to working from home. It is a great ‘leveller’ in a way. No matter what role, skill set or position we have, we are all adapting to working in a different way and looking to make it successful.  Ideas about how we can do it better can come from anywhere in your team or organisation. Some of you may even be looking more broadly and drawing on the experiences from different sectors beyond legal for inspiration.  But are you capturing those great ideas for the long run?

Better processes from a rethink

There is nothing like a major disruption to make you question why and how you do certain things. For some processes we have had no choice but to change the way we do things. No in person meetings so we use Zoom or teleconferencing instead.  No travel so we find a way to connect, present and negotiate virtually.  Are there other processes that you use every day that would benefit from a rethink?

Connectedness and culture

Your team may be finding ways of communicating to better connect with each other in ways that work for them and your organisation. Many teams are making more of an effort to build a culture of connectedness. They are using creative ways to do this including Zoom meetings with themes, virtual quizzes and social media groups to share experiences.  Are you connected enough with your team not to be missing what’s working and what’s not working for them? Are you thinking about how you might sustain and build on a more connected culture?


COVID-19 has required us to try new things. Some things that we are doing now have no precedent. You may have found that there is more tolerance in your team and organisation for giving things a try and experimenting. Some things will work somethings won’t. What are you doing to encourage that curiosity, creativity and willingness to give things a try now and in the future? 

Human centred

COVID – 19 is a very human crisis and it has brought a focus on how we live, work and connect. Our work is no longer separated from our homes, our families and our day to day lives. This is a time to reflect on how all of this affects us as people and show empathy. Are you missing the opportunity to improve the experience for your team and your clients?

Sustainable change – act now

Everyone is eager to return to ‘normal’ and the problem with that is that we could be missing out on a the opportunity to benefit from what these ‘abnormal’ times have taught us. Are you ensuring sustainable change by acting now rather than waiting and losing the momentum that has already started in some way in your team or organisation?

We would love to help you capture and sustain improvements

At Hive Legal we have developed a purpose based design thinking framework, HiveThinkP  which we use to work with you and your team to identify, capture and build on ideas to improve your ways of working, your processes and your strategic agendas.

Facilitated HiveThinkP sessions and design sprints will:

  • identify the purpose and vision for your project;
  • use an empathy based approach to ensure a human centred result;
  • assist with building the mind sets needed to sustain change;
  • ensure that you draw from the multi-disciplinary skills needed for your project; and
  • assist your team to design outcomes that will work for them and the end users to ‘improve the experience’.

The sessions and sprints can all be done virtually using a platform that works for you and MURAL, a highly interactive digital workspace for visual collaboration.

So, if you think you may be missing out on identifying and developing some of the great ideas and opportunities that you and your team have come up with lately and want our help to explore this, contact us at   [email protected].