Hive Legal’s vision is to be  ‘A truly contemporary and innovative provider of legal solutions which improves the experience for our clients and our team.’

Our values are contemporary thinking, creativity, courage, character and collaboration.

Re-affirming our vision and values, and contributing to our strategic plan, were top of the list when the entire Hive Legal team came together for an off-site strategy day on 25 May 2017.

It was inspiring to see  why our team has chosen to be part of Hive Legal with recurring themes of the day including: creativity, culture, agility, great work and clients, flexibility, doing things differently, innovation, empowerment, diversity,  collaboration and ‘being on the right side of history’.

But we are realistic at Hive Legal and know that there are always things we can do better… that’s where our vision of using innovation to ‘improve the experience’ comes into play.

True to our values of contemporary thinking, creativity and collaboration, we have developed a new paradigm for improving the experience of receiving and delivering legal services. Drawing on and adding to design thinking principles, HiveThinkP  is a new framework that Hive Legal has developed to help better solve problems and implement solutions for our team and our clients (with P standing for the power of purpose).

We used this framework at our strategy day to come up with innovative new ways to approach problem-solving and new ideas for legal services delivery.  We are already close to implementing one of those ideas, an easy to use precedent rating system and have many other HiveThinkP projects on the go. Watch this space for what’s next.