Our Approach

This is what we heard

We have listened to our clients to truly understand their issues and needs with their business as usual (BAU) corporate and commercial legal work.

This is how we can help you

1. You need a legal team



We act as your in-house legal team


  • We do your BAU matters virtually, on the ground or a mix of both…. whatever works for you
  • Instructions can be given by your commercial team to a central contact person at Hive who will manage your instructions
  • You have access to our team of pragmatic lawyers and consultants across a range of specialised areas
  • We help you with improvement projects, like contract templates, playbooks and training, to increase efficiencies across your business

Why you’ll love it

  • We develop a deep understanding of how your business works and become an extension of your team rather than being just a service provider
  • You have consistent access to the right level of resources and skillsets when you need them
  • You save on the administrative burden of setting up and scoping new matters each time you need us
  • All of this at a fixed monthly fee so you will have certainty in legal costs

2. You need extra resourcing



Extra support for your General Counsel or legal team across the board


  • Our team assists on a range of BAU or complex matters, depending on what is most useful for you, for a fixed monthly fee
  • You have a central contact person at Hive, to manage instructions from your legal team or commercial team direct
  • You have access to our team of pragmatic lawyers and consultants across a range of specialised areas
  • We help you with improvement projects, like contract templates, playbooks and training, to increase efficiencies across your business

Why you’ll love it

  • You send us new matters with basic instructions and we’ll jump in and run with it – with the knowledge of how your business works, your risk appetite and your preferred style
  • You get the benefit of a range of specialisations and skillsets that you can treat as an extension of your team, rather than relying on a single individual
  • You know we are there ready to support you when needed and that we’ll flex up and down to reduce resourcing pressure

3. You need to fill a temporary gap in your team



We fill a temporary gap in your team (eg because a team member is on leave or has to commit time to another project)


  • We work with your legal team to assist you as needed to fill the gap
  • We work in a way that works best for you. That could be working directly with your commercial team or just working in the background with your legal team to get things done

Why you’ll love it:

  • You have access to our team’s range of experience and specialist expertise rather than being constrained to one person
  • You can scale us up or down as your team member’s availability changes, without having to commit to a 12 month replacement
  • Our knowledge doesn’t disappear at the end of the role; you can continue to access us as needed

4. You need help with a certain type of work



If you have a particular type of work which requires ongoing assistance and you do not have the capabilities or resources in your team (eg privacy, co sec, marketing reviews)


  • We work with you to scope the type of work and design the best way to work with you. It could be a fixed fee menu where we agree prices for the most common legal requests, or it could be a fixed monthly fee… whatever works for you
  • Your legal or commercial team can send requests through to a central email address for us to pick up, and we will take it forward from there

Why you’ll love it:

  • You get the comfort of knowing that your matters are being handled by a team which specialises in that area, but seamlessly integrates with your broader team
  • We will constantly be on the lookout for ways to help you improve efficiencies in how the type of work is handled with in your business including providing training to your team
  • We can help you collect valuable data on the types of work and needs of the business to inform strategic decisions
  • You have control over your legal spend for that area

5. You need someone to lead your team temporarily



We help supervise and support your team so you can focus on a priority project or take leave


  • We can supervise your legal team to ensure they are continuing to be supported, and that the BAU tasks are being managed
  • We can work with work directly with your commercial clients to keep internal projects moving while you can’t be there

Why you’ll love it

  • You can focus on the type of work that makes the most sense to be done by you while we pick up the parts that don’t
  • You can dedicate time to other important business knowing that your legal team or commercial clients are being fully supported
  • You can scale our assistance up or down as you need from time to time

6. You just need to pick our brains



You can pick our brains on issues that arise in your business from time to time


  • You have regular ‘pick our brains’ sessions on the key issues coming up in your business, or you can pick up the phone to us throughout the month so we can act as a sounding board

Why you’ll love it

  • You have access to a sense check or sounding board as you encounter key issues in your business
  • You don’t necessarily need written advice or documents but value having an expert to talk things through with
  • It’s a great way for General Counsels without an extensive legal team or commercial teams without a legal team to help identify and talk through key legal risks

All of these options will provide you with:

  • Continuity of support
  • Cost certainty
  • Value
  • Access to diverse skills
  • Flexibility
  • Commerciality
  • Innovative thinkers to assist with improvement

This is who we do it for

This is what our clients say

‘Hive augments the capacity of our in-house legal team in supporting our organisation on general corporate and commercial matters as well as with specialist expertise in areas such as privacy.

Hive’s genuine enthusiasm and interest in what Movember does and wants to achieve is a defining element of our partnership with them. Because of the effort Hive puts in to understanding our organisational culture and strategy, I know I can rely on them to deliver support that is practical and appropriate for our needs.

Movember appreciates and values the flexibility and continuity of support the HiveGC+ model offers.’

Cate Bennett, General Counsel – Movember

‘HotDoc wouldn’t be where we are today without Hive’s support — they’re a core member of the team.’

Thom Mackey, Head of Operations –  HotDoc

‘Through our arrangement with Hive we are able to access a broad range of legal services, provided by an experienced and well credentialed legal team. For a medium sized, but relatively complex, business such as ours this works well and with Hive’s client focus its comparable to having our own General Counsel, but with access to further specialist advice as required’.

Anthony Fowler, CEO – Lochard Energy

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