Global Awards Winner

The Corporate LiveWire Global Awards celebrate the achievements of the most outstanding individuals, companies and organisations in the business community over the last 12 months and Hive Legal is delighted to have been named Australian Boutique Energy Law Firm of the Year 2017.

Jake Powers, Director of the 2017 Global Awards Guide commented, “The Corporate LiveWire winners have proven to be of high calibre, showing a strong motivation to achieve fantastic results within their sector.”

Hive Legal  is well known for its regulatory and project expertise and plays a growing and significant role in assisting clients with the transformational changes that technological advances and market developments are bringing to the Australian energy sector.  The team, led byMitzi Gilligan and Andrew Brookes, thanks its clients for their ongoing support which has enabled the recognition that this award brings, especially Origin Energy, Lochard Energy, Epic Energy, Alcoa, Risen Energy, Palisade Asset Management, Momentum Energy, Reposit Power and Jacana Energy.

Andrew Brookes commented, “We are delighted to have received this recognition and also very excited to be assisting our clients to embrace the opportunities, and navigate the challenges, arising from regulatory and technological change in the Australian energy sector.”