We are absolutely delighted to announce two promotions at Hive. Joanna Green has been promoted to Principal and Melissa Lyon to Associate Principal.

Joanna’s approach and experience embodies all that we stand for at Hive. Her exceptional advisory and complex contracting skills, privacy and consumer law expertise (especially in the health and public transport sectors) are greatly enhanced by her strong commitment to client service and finding innovative ways to get better outcomes for our clients. Since joining Hive in our first year, Joanna has thrown herself into supporting and promoting our flexible and contemporary ways of working. Joanna is a shining example of how flexible work practices allow, in her words, ‘for the successful blending of work and family’. Joanna says she is ‘excited by the future, not only for Hive but for the opportunities that progressive law firms are bringing to those in the profession who value being able to work flexibly while at the same time doing challenging work for the same calibre of clients that I assisted while in the top tier’. She has also worked with a number of our major clients to develop innovative value pricing approaches that provide them with the benefits of cost certainty and true value.

Appointing Melissa to Associate Principal is yet another example of how Hive’s innovative and progressive model is challenging the status quo. Melissa is a Business Development specialist and part of the senior leadership team at the firm helping to shape and drive strategy. She also consults to clients on NewLaw models, value pricing and innovative business development programs (for which she uses HiveThinkP a design thinking based framework). Melissa says ‘the future is bright for firms that recognise that clients are not just looking to law firms to have access to great lawyers. They want a team that has a diversity of skills to assist them in getting the best outcomes. Being part of a firm that really values ‘skills other than legal’ is amazing’.

We are extremely lucky to have Joanna and Melissa playing vital roles in shaping Hive’s future.